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  • Replacing Locks or Rekeying? Which Is A Better Choice

    March 6, 2020 | Locksmith | shakajaia
  • It is a challenge for every homeowner to provide sound security to his/her apartments. Well, when it comes to enhancing the security of a residential property, most of the landlords become confused between the lock changing and rekeying.

    A recent FBI Crime stat indicates that most residential properties (73.2%) have faced alarming burglaries. However, before you choose between these options for preventing burglaries and other security threats, it’s important that you know about both of them properly.

    In this blog, we are going to discuss the most important things you need to know in this regard. So, let’s get started.

    rekeying service

    What does rekeying a lock mean?

    Lock rekeying refers to a process that involves the removal of pins and springs in the lock’s cylinder. Commercial locksmiths replace these parts with new ones for opening the lock system only with a new key. Most lock systems can be rekeyed unless they get damaged, or you need a different lock style.

    A common misconception related to rekeying is that it hampers the security.  But the reality is that pin numbers in the cylinder influence the security. When a locksmith replaces the pins in the lock, they will retain the security. Reliable locksmiths use high-security pins for ensuring higher security.

    Advantageous causes to opt for the rekeying service

    A proper rekeying can be beneficial for you for different causes. Learn a few of them in the lines mentioned below.

    Cost-effective alternative-  Replacing the whole lock system might feel heavy on your wallet. Compared to this service, it is money-saving as it replaces only the inner working system.

    Time-saving- When it is about saving your valuable time, rekeying comes with useful solutions. Expert locksmiths take a few minutes to do this task.

    Allows you to keep the existing hardware- Rekeying is a better idea as it allows you to keep the current hardware. Changing this hardware will not only destroy the aesthetic appeal of your house but also demands more charge.

    When you opt for this service, you can become able to keep the same hardware and the new keys to open all your locks.

    When to opt for lock Rekeying?

    You can go for this service if you want to open several locks with a single key. But remember, to do this task, the locks required to be of the same keyhole and locks. Rekeying can also meet your demand if you don’t want to use your current key anymore.

    When lock changing becomes the only option?

    A reputed locksmith may tell you to change the existing lock for different causes. Some of these reasons are upgrading style, designs, and security features, enjoying the benefits of the latest technologies, and more.  Changing the lock system has a benefit over the rekeying as it allows you to improve the home security by customized lock systems.


    Which one is a better choice – Rekeying or Replacing?

    There is no fixed answer to this question as it depends totally on your specific requirement. Rekeying is suitable for retaining control when a change occurs in property ownership.  With a previously owned house, it becomes tough to know about the people who have accessed key beside the contractors.

    When it is about lock changing, you can get a brand new lock system with the latest security features.

    Final Thoughts

    Whatever option you choose, be sure that you select an experienced locksmith. It will help you enjoy quality services.

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